At Malarino Guitars we have been focused on improving the quality of the sound above all, on the basis of knowledge, traditional skills and current technology. With a forward-thinking vision, we understand that our search for constant improvement and teamwork applied to guitar making, enables us to create and offer an increasingly integrated mix of top-quality products and services.
Located in Olivos, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires City (Argentina), Malarino Guitars is a workshop that was engineered by Julio Malarino at the start of the new millennium. It held a slow but firm and sustained growth, and currently comprises:


Unique guitars, customized and 100% handmade by Julio Malarino.

The most prestigious lutherie school, specialized in guitarmaking, at the whole region.

It’s a workshop for the repair, restoration and maintenance work on plucked strings musical instruments, both acoustic and electric ones.

It´s a workspace, an environment that is respectfully shared with colleagues, which generates the existence of new projects and new proposals.

The main partners include

Macarena Fernández
General coordinator and is responsible for administering resources for all activities. No doubt, she´s the boss.

Gabriel Keilty
Marvellous and non-conformist luthier with a high level of relevant technical training at Raggio School and Buenos Aires University U.B.A. in industrial design. He is a great reference for everybody at the workshop.

Leo Orsi
Meticulous luthier with a perfectionist approach, designer and builder of electric guitars, he is an expert in electronics.

Martín Bortolín
Patient, obsessive and punctilious luthier with technical training in industrial design, he is focused on classic guitars, french polish and restoration.