Guitar players

Some notable guitarists who play Malarino Guitars. We proudly recommend you listen and enjoy their music

Luis Salinas. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He is considered the most important guitarist in the country and has shared the stage with great musicians around the world such as: B.B. King, Scott Henderson, George Benson, Paco De Lucia, Bireli Lagrene, Frank Gambale, Diego Amador, Tomatito, Hermeto Pascoal, Mercedes Sosa, Dino Saluzzi, Chucho Valdez among others. He was nominated for the Grammy award, the Latin Grammy award and has won the Gardel prize several times.
Tomatito said: “Luís is one of the best guitar players in the world, technically and emotionally gifted. He is simply complete”
Baden Powell said: “He’s a crazy and a great guitar player.”
Luis plays a 2018 Red Cedar/Rosewood Malarino Classical, designed for and with him.

Guinga. Rio de Janeiro. Brazil.

He defines himself as a composer and guitar player of Brazilian popular music. Revered by critics, He has been considered frequently “the greatest and most important composer of Brazil today.”
Hermeto Pascoal said: “A guy like that only appears every hundred years.””
Guinga plays a 2012 Spruce/Rosewood Malarino Classical, and a 2018 Red Cedar/Rosewood Malarino Classical.

Carlos Dorado. Pieterlen, Switzerland.

The music of Carlos Dorado is a special and unique combination between Argentinean folklore and jazz. He works with many different tunings to broaden the spectrum of the guitar in search of new tone colors and harmonies.
“His tone is exquisite. His playing immaculate.” Blair Jackson – Classical Guitar Magazine
Carlos plays a Red Cedar/Rosewood Malarino Classical 2005, and a Spruce/Walnut/Schertler DYN G Malarino Archtop 2013.

Ernesto Hermoza. Lima, Perú.

He has toured the world as Susana Baca’s guitarist and has obtained three Latin Grammy nominations, a gold record and the Cuba disco prize.
Ernesto plays a 2005 Red Cedar/Algarrobo Malarino Classical.

Daniel Corzo. Córdoba, Argentina.

Outstanding jazz guitarist who has toured the world offering concerts in Europe, North America, South America and all regions of Argentina. He is also a renowned guitar teacher. He practically has shared the stage with all the important guitarists of Argentina and many international musicians like David Becker, John Stowell, Sid Jacobs, Richard Smith; Adam Tully, Thom Rotella, among others.

Daniel plays a Spruce/Walnut/ Bartolini J5NB Malarino Archtop 2013, a Red Cedar/Rosewood Malarino Classical 2005, and a Spruce/Rosewood Malarino Classical 2010.

Quito Gato. Madrid, Spain.

Guitarist and pianist Quito Gato has performed as a director, soloist, and member of various ensembles in the most important concert venues across South America, the United States, and Europe, and has toured extensively in Asia, introducing South-American Baroque music in Israel, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and South Korea.
He is a recording artist for the labels Virgin, Naïve, Alpha, K617, MA Recordings, Musica Ficta, Ricercar, Ambronay, Testigo, Naxos, and Sony.
Quito plays a Red Cedar/Rosewood Malarino Classical 2009.

Luis D’agostino. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He is a virtuoso player whose styles span the spectrum from the flashiest of rock music to the most subtle and sensitive jazz interpretations, he participated in the Encore Program at the Los Angeles Musician Institute where he took advanced classes of improvisation and jazz harmony with Scott Henderson, Sid Jacobs, Bob Magnusson, Ron Schete among others and guitar legend Joe Diorio before becoming Director of the Yamaha School of Popular Music and endorsee of Yamaha Guitars for Argentina. When he lived in the UK, he recorded one album as a band leader (“In Between”, Flat Five Records) and two albums with Pete Oxley (“The Play of Light” and “Double Singular” for 33 Records). Luis launched a new album in Argentina, “Ballads and Other Songs”Ricordi Music. In Latin America, he has also has been published in Latin America published his two books: Toco Solo and Improvisacion.
Luis plays a Red Cedar/Rosewood Malarino Classical 2012.

Manuel Alvarez Ugarte. Madrid, Spain.

Guitarist, composer and teacher. His work, to the present includes nine recordings and two score books, has been published in Argentina, Spain and the United States. As a concert artist and recording musician he has developed his professional activity in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Austria, Belgium, France, Holland, England, Italy, Portugal and Spain.
Manuel plays a Spruce/Cocobolo Malarino Classical 2008

Julián Midón, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Composer, guitarist and teacher, Julián Midón is a great atmospheres creator (as the press has described him) that uses his experience in local rhythms, as well as what he acquired in the period in which he lived, studied and played jazz in Boston.
Julián plays a Red Cedar/Guayubira/Carbon fiber Malarino-Keilty Classical 2008 and a Spruce/Rosewood Malarino Classical 2014.

Juan Gallino, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He is a composer, teacher and guitarist, he plays a duet with Enrique Bocaccio since 1979. 40 years of experience together. At the same time, Juan has developed an extensive teaching career and has trained countless Argentine guitarists.
Juan plays a Red Cedar/Rosewood 7th strings Malarino Classical 2012.

Guillermo Martel. Buenos Aires, Argentina

Guitarist, Composer, Arranger, Sessionist and Teacher. Since 1991 Guillermo has been touring by Southamerica and Europe with Caruso-Martel duo. He recorded, produced and/or played with ¨Los cosos de al lao¨ Tango quartet, Hugo Rivas Guitar Orchestra, Hidalgo-Martel duo, Los hermanos Corbalan, Leopoldo Federico, Ernesto baffa, among others.
Guillermo plays a Red Cedar/Rosewood Malarino Classical 2014